London to Auckland
- the Jayco Ultimate Ride by Personal Watercraft

London - Auckland
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The Team

To make a project like this possible, not only are riders required but also a considerable number of support and logistics people. The team is growing as the big day nears; the current team members and their backgrounds are below:-

Name: Jeremy Burfoot Jeremy Burfoot
Responsibilities Overall leadership of 'The Ultimate Ride'
Main media spokesperson
Represent sponsors
Planning and risk management
Manager Logistics
Principle rider
Trustee 'The Ultimate Ride Charitable Trust'

To read Jeremy's background, click here

Name: Travis Donoghue Travis
Responsibilities Support Rider/Mechanic/Logistics
To read Travis's background, click here

Name: Jed Martin Jed Martin
Responsibilities Rider/Logistics
To read Jed's background, click here

Name: Ivan Otulic Ivan
Responsibilities Support Rider/Mechanic
To read Ivan's background, click here

Name: Adrian Erangey Adrian
Responsibilities Support Rider/Logistics/Manager Logistics and Sponsorship UK
To read Adrian's background, click here

Name: George Robson george Robson
Responsibilities European Ground Crew
To read George's background, click here

Name: Garry Learmonth Gary Learmonth
Responsibilities Logistics coordinator/Homebase support
To read Garry's background, click here

Name: Herb Pryde Herb Pride"
Responsibilities Trustee for LS Charitable Trust
To read Herb's background, click here

Name: Andrew Murley Andrew Murley
Responsibilities Pre-event medical checks
Medical advice to team.
Monitor regional disease risk and advise.
Ongoing commentary on Physiology page.
To read Andrew's background, click here

Name: Mark Cole Mark Cole
Responsibilities General Manager

To read Mark's background, click here:

Name: Kevin Geard Kevin Geard
Responsibilities Mechanical Adviser New Zealand
To read Kevin's background, click here

Name: Bob McDavitt Bob McDavitt
Responsibilities Team Meteorologist
To read Bob's background, click here

Name: Chris Jarvis Chris Jarvis
Responsibilities Manager Fuel
To read Chris's background, click here

Name: Vernon Clark Vernon Clark
Responsibilities Manager Communications
Trustee 'The Ultimate Ride Charitable Trust'
To read Vernon's background, click here

Name: Bill Holdsworth Bill Holdsworth
Responsibilities Ambassador at Large
To read Bill's background, click here

Name: Alex Blidaru Alex Blidaru
Responsibilities Eastern European Interpreter/Ground Crew
To read Alex's background, click here

Name: Gavin Johnston Gavin Johnstone
Responsibilities Manager - Risk
To read Gavin's background, click here

Name: Robyn Lorenzen Robyn Lorenzen
Responsibilities Manager - Welfare
To read Robyn's background, click here

Name: Johnston Associates Chartered Accountants Limited Johnston Associates Chartered Accountants Limited
Responsibilities Advise on all financial aspects of the ride
  To read more

Name: Simpson Western Solicitors Simpson Western Lawyers
Responsibilities Advise on all legal aspects of the ride
legal@london-sydney.org To read more

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Jeremy is available to speak to groups about the Ultimate Ride.

Use the Contact link below to discuss this and obtain more information.
Support Boat
Singapore Cancer Society Nurdor Kinder krebs Hilfe Melanoma Foundation of New Zealand Kinderen Kankervrij (translation: Children Cancer Free). MacMillan Cancer Support Lifehouse at RPA - The Chris O'Brien Cancer Centre Livestrong Kinderkrebs Hungarian Cancer Org Nat Cancer Soc Malaysia PAVEL
2BKOOL Element 82 Leatt Capitol Sign Services Ltd Aquapac Mitigator Navionics Adidas-Eyewear Soirx Panasonic Gates
Red I CCL Group Goode PR Unique Fabrics Johnston Associates Chartered Accountants Ltd Hiway Stabilizers Simpson Western Lawyers Harbourside Fitness 46South Marfret Freight Tracplus Oceanbridge Vero Marine